Summers are crazy for us wedding photographers!! Mine was no different. I've been so busy lately with photographing many gorgeous wedding, doing different photo shoots and other little projects, but it's about time to update our blog with some new photos from an amazing wedding I did about a week ago. I photographed Vitaly and Sveta's gorgeous wedding on September 18 right after shooting another wedding the day before. With formated cards, fresh batteries, and a Rockstar energy drink the next morning I set out to the grooms house with an amazing feeling. I was really excited to shoot the wedding of my new friends but also as excited to use my tilt-shift lens. That Saturday was just one of those days where you just don't know where the ideas keep coming from. Vitaly, the groom, recently came to America and I thought that it would become an issue with the different styles but I was amazed at the modern mentality he had. They were both very stylish and knew how to pose, requiring only a little bit of correcting from my side. The engagement session was amazing, the wedding was gorgeous and very lovely, and the second-day-shoot (SDS) we did in San Francisco was very beautiful and sexy. This blog post tells the story of their wedding day and includes my favorite photos from each of the three photo shoots I did for this amazing couple. Enjoy...

My video career mostly consists of filming weddings but sometimes I get very interesting and spontaneous assignments. In February of this year I got a call from my buddy Vadim who asked me to film a video production (music video) for him and his band called Half Set. The tricky situation was that it had to be filmed and edited within a couple of days. Coca Cola was having a competition for a theme song and Vadim wrote a song to submit into the competition but they required a video so he turned to me for help. I obviously love spontaneous challenges so I accepted the job with no hesitation (even though it sounded unrealistic at the time). I usually film with our team but none of the other guys could help me those days because we had other projects going on so I had a big task ahead of me that I had to do solo...

Our team always tries to guide the couple through their wedding day so that we can get as much footage as we can to create a rich film full with a variety of content. Fortunately, with Vitaliy and Svetlana, this was very easy for us to do. They put their full trust into us and listened to the advice we gave them when we met up with them a few days before the wedding. They told us how they met, their favorite moments together, their experience being engaged and so on. This helped us to get to know them better as a couple and gave us some time to think about what ideas and story line we want to bring out while filming so we'd be able to make the best film possible.

Roman and Natalie's long distance relationship finally ended, and a new, more amazing life together began. Their love for one another was seen throughout the day and there was no mistake that they were meant for each other. Even though they just saw each other only 6 times before their wedding, it felt like they have known each other for forever. Talking to Natalie before the wedding about the video and hearing their story, I got excited and really wanted to film their wedding. And honestly, the excitement didn't fade away. The wedding went smoothly and I saw their story in many aspects of the wedding. I loved that. I believe that every wedding should be portray the love story of the couple that is getting married. And their's was a perfect example. Roman is a Pastor of a young church in New Jersey. Knowing that, I realized that it would be great to start off the video with a Bible verse; a Bible verse that was very special to both Roman and Natalie.

This is Nik and Inna. Happy. And this is their wedding teaser.

Well of course, but what's cool is that we love filming weddings! Including this one. When I edited the first version of this teaser, I wasn't to happy. I didn't even want to post it online. So I waited couple days, and pulled off something I love. Totally starting from scratch, choosing a new song, and bringing couple new shots. After completing the teaser version 2, I was satisfied and here it is for you to enjoy. Enjoy and share!

I photographed Justin & Annmarie's wedding two days before their SDS. Their wedding was located on a beautiful golf course. It was an amazing and fun wedding with lots of dancing and some emotional moments. We ended the evening with a couple amazing silhouette shots on the golf course with the beautiful purple sunset in the background. I love photographing weddings but I love photographing second-day-shoots even more. The reason for this is that I, as the photographer, am in charge of the whole day. I love control!! I don't abuse it, but use it to set up amazing shots using the time I need and the places I think will look amazing...

In most weddings we know exactly whats going on, but this wedding introduced us to many new traditions. Hearing a short history of the traditions from the groom, we understood that it's very important that we capture every moment. Working with the couple was simple. Jonathan treated us with so much respect at the wedding that I was honestly surprised but humbled at the same time and just wanted to do even better. The entire wedding was really fun. Enjoy the short teaser. A longer film will be coming later, as of course, this teaser doesn't even cover 5% of what happened  at the wedding.

Vera emailed me around 8 months before the wedding giving us a nice compliment and of course inquiring about her wedding date. Then she told me the wedding is in Portland, Maine. I was shocked. All the way from there! How did they find us? Well thank you Yuriy Manchik for your referral. Of course they signed the contract, gave us more compliments, and got us excited for the trip.Couple days before the trip, hurricane Irene was threatening our travel. Definitely got us worried, but we came there safely. We beat the storm by around 20 hours in one of the states we had a layover.

Couple years ago I went to South Dakota with Ilona(my wife), Inna (sister-in-law) and Yaro. Who knew that Yaro would meet the love of his life there and then. We all came home safe, got back to regular life, but Yaro started a new life - dating Sveta. That kept going for a while and then he proposed. He would visit SD many times, Sveta also came over to California couple times, but Sveta's last visit to CA became permanent.

I never start working on a film or wedding teaser if I don't have any inspiration. Usually it's from a song, sometimes from other things like movies (Shrek 4). This time, inspiration came very simply - through a txt message. My sister texted me a "very" cute song and it totally inspired me to start working on Vlad & Lily's wedding teaser. I had a different song in mind for Vlad and Lily, but "Rest Of My Life" by Bruno Mars took over my original plan and I had to edit the teaser to it. Many times I know what song I'll be using for a couple, but after studying the couple on their wedding day more closely, I realize I chose the wrong one. I try to choose a song to tell the couples story accurately. That's exactly what happened here and I believe this song choice is perfect for this wedding teaser.