We strive to capture a work of art. An extraordinary cinematic wedding film that captures your story, emotions, and the unique details of your unforgettable day.

Indian weddings are more than just a ceremony and a reception: they are comprised of traditions and cultural events that tell the rich, cultural heritage passed on from one generation to the next. From the vibrant and celebratory dancing of the Sangeet (or baraat) to the heart wrenching emotions of the Vidaai, we are there to capture the beautiful story of it all. Pouring our hearts into each and every South Asian Wedding, we create romantic, emotional and cinematic Indian Wedding Films that will be an heirloom for generations to come.

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South Asian Wedding Packages

We are an “all-in” Indian Wedding Videography team. We don’t have a bunch of add-ons or packages. We simply have one package – a package that guarantees a work of art.

We capture each wedding at it’s finest, not requiring you to upgrade to get better coverage or even better shots. With this approach, we create a luxury wedding film for every couple – including you! Simply choose the wedding day layout and we go from there.

Aperina Studios works best when we work together as a videography and photography team on your wedding. Additionally, you save money on each service when booking both. Find out more about our South Asian Wedding Photography.

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More about our Videography

Aperina Studios has always strived to be one of the best Indian Wedding Videographers in the world. We base our company on a traditional work ethic and strong relationship with our couples – we want to be friends and part of your family on your wedding day. Our creative vision and “all-in” approach, combined with the latest technology, allows our wedding films to stand out and be a reflection of your wedding day!


It is our sincere goal for every couple to experience a wedding film that is a true reflection of who they are.


To ensure that we achieve the best wedding cinematography, we have some key aspects that are important to us: “all-in” approach, planning/pre-production, cinematography/filming, lighting, audio, editing/storytelling, color correction/grading, mastering and delivering the final video to you in a format that you will be able to enjoy forever.

We have invested in cinema grade cameras and lenses that give your wedding film a more cinematic and Hollywood look. More specifically, we use 4 Canon 5D Mark IIIs & IVs cameras and Canon L series lenses. We also use professional grade audio equipment, steadicam/glidecam, sliders, monopods and tripods. We have lighting equipment as well to capture your event in the best possible light! Additionally, we have introduced Jib and Drone shots to allow our films to really stand out with cinematic footage. But most importantly, our “all-in” approach allows us to use ALL our cinema tools at anytime without having to add them into your package. With this approach, your wedding video will be the best it possibly can be.


We are humbled when we can create a film that brings tears to yours eyes; in awe of the preserved priceless memories.


A lot of work go into crafting an amazing film that looks and feels like a Hollywood movie. The main difference between affordable Indian videographers and top Indian wedding cinematographers is the time and experience that goes into each wedding film. We have been doing Indian wedding cinematography for over 6 years and we have the experience, passion and creativity to create the best quality cultural wedding film for each family, the bride, and the groom.


We have learned to focus on quality and create wedding videos that tell a story. Known for our cinematic shots, creative angles, our ability to capture stories, and “running around like ninjas” – we have become an award-winning Indian Wedding Videography team.


Additionally, we don’t have a million add-ons. We have an “all-in” approach with every wedding, so we simply film your wedding in the best possible way – without charging you for the tools we use. That means we bring all our cinema equipment (including jib and drone) to all your events and, if possible, we will use them to capture breath-taking footage.


Hiring the right Indian Wedding Videography company is an investment. Aperina Studios is a company that truly understands the CINEMATOGRAPHY of weddings, not simply the recording of video. Booking us for you wedding days will be well worth it.


A memory for a lifetime shouldn’t be a hard choice. We are 100% confident that we can create a wedding film that you will love and enjoy.


Our primary service area* is Northern California (Sacramento, San Francisco, Bay Area, Napa, Sonoma, Lake Tahoe and so on). However, we have traveled all over California, United States and even internationally to capture weddings and documentaries. Let us tell your story!

Technical Details about our Videography

Many Indian couples (mostly the parents) ask us what tools we use for your Indian Wedding. Even though wedding videography is not dependent on the equipment we use, there is a direct correlations with the end product and the quality.


Our primary cameras are Canon full frame DSLRs: Canon 5D MK IV and 3x Canon 5D MK III. We use Canon L series lenses (top quality lenses). Our audio gear allows us to capture audio clearly as we mic the groom and the priest for the ceremony (we use tiny Tascam DR-10c audio recorders). In many cases, we use lighting equipment to improve the colors and overall look of the film (this is especially useful during the wedding reception and speeches) . Additionally, we have introduced Jib and a Drone into our collection of tools. Our wedding films stand out with this cinematic footage. However, we analyze each wedding situation before using each tool – we still want your wedding to be intimate and romantic.


Most importantly, our “all-in” approach to Indian Wedding Videography allows us to use ALL our cinema tools at anytime without having to add them into your package or costing you more for us to use. With this approach, your wedding video will be the best it possibly can be. Let us know if you have any specific questions about our video gear – we’d love to answer them.

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