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My vibrant photography style and admiration of the different Indian religions and regions has made me a favorite South Asian wedding photographer. I fell in love with the Indian culture in 2012 and have since been capturing the rich cultural love stories of so many gorgeous south asian couples through my lens. From the vibrant and celebratory dancing of the Sangeet to the bittersweet emotions of the Vidai, my goal is to capture those moments in a beautiful and artistic way, understanding that those memories will be a priceless heirloom for generations to come.

South Asian Wedding Packages

It is my sincere goal to capture images that are authentic, creative and every bit as unique as you are! I am confident, that as an Indian wedding photographer, I can capture your wedding perfectly and deliver timeless photos that you will love and enjoy.

Aperina Studios works best when we work together as a wedding videography and a wedding photography team. Additionally, you can save up to $500 on each service when booking both. Find out more about our Indian wedding videography.

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There are so many Indian wedding photographers out there so what makes Aperina Studios special? It is me. You will always have me, Paul, my personality and my passion for storytelling with you at all times. From the minute you invite me into your world and into your culture, I become a part of your family and start telling your unique love story from within. I have been known more as a ‘friendor’ during weddings than just a vendor. My passion to tell your story will truly be reflected in everything I do.


Being a great wedding photographer not only requires a good camera but having a good sense for special moments, calculating the perfect angle of the lens and at the same time making sure the light is at the correct intensity to get that perfect shot. Constantly educating myself on new technology and creative lighting techniques keeps me in the best shape to face any challenges that may come up during an Indian wedding and make sure that the photos I take are of the best quality.


The final touches to each photo are applied in editing when I make sure each photo is the best it can be. I am never satisfied with good work. I desire to make every wedding album better than the last one. I don’t use an express batch editing technique for post-processing photos but instead treat every wedding as a unique creative project. My goal is that when a couple looks at their wedding photos, they don’t only see the colors and shapes but also feel the love and joy that they felt during their wedding day.


Your wedding happens once – and I am ready to capture it perfectly. A memory for a lifetime shouldn’t be a hard choice. I am 100% confident that I can capture wedding photos that will bring tears to your eyes in awe of the preserved memories.

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* Key areas we target: Sacramento, Bay Area, San Francisco, San Jose & Napa (pretty much all of Northern California). We’ve been blessed to travel to destination weddings all over the United States, Caribbean Islands and Dominica Republic to capture stories of lovely couples. Religions we have captured: Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Punjabi, Gujarati and others.

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