Amit and Veena dated for 7 years before Amit surprised Veena with the question of “will you marry me” in Yosemite National Park. Even though both Amit and Veena were already planning their Engagement party and Wedding, Amit still did not give Veena the ring. He wanted that moment to be epic and special. So Amit started planning an engagement photoshoot in Yosemite and reached out to us for help capturing his big day. After one of our meetings, Amit directly messaged us and told us his secret. He wanted to surprise his girlfriend at the photoshoot and officially proposal to her - right in middle of the most beautiful place on earth. We loved that idea and of course agreed to be part of it. Over the weeks, we planned the photo and video shoot. We followed the weather in Yosemite and learned that only the valley will be accessible for us during April as the snow still covered the mountainous peaks. That’s ok, we still knew we’d get amazing shots for both photography and cinematography during spring. We we all (we really were) super excited to capture the scenery at Yosemite with the beautiful couple. The day we arrived in Yosemite was simply perfect. Warm, beautiful and not a lot of people. Perfect conditions to capture a Yosemite proposal. So we got to work - capturing both photography and cinematography as the day unfolded. Especially when Amit got on his knee asking Veena the burning question and was finally able to place the ring on her finger. Enjoy the MODERN Yosemite Engagement video (above) from the day and here are the photography results....

We don't usually post wedding teasers on our blog, but I particularly liked this wedding teaser from Vincent & Camy's romantic Napa Wedding at V. Sattui Winery (as I think it has an interesting modern twist to it). This was a destination wedding for this beautiful couple and we were honored to be part of their grand day in Napa Valley, California. This was my first time in V. Sattui winery and I loved every aspect of it. V. Sattui is the Napa Valley’s most romantic destination, where the rolling hills, lush vineyards, and of course the award winning wine served as the perfect place for this couples dream destination wedding in Wine Country. The lower courtyard served as a flawless place for the wedding ceremony and the barrel room completed the reception perfectly. Enjoy this modern twist wedding teaser....

We had a chance to spend 3 days in Bay Area to capture this beautiful couples wedding. Their wedding was a mix of Indian culture and Chinese culture. It was amazing to be part of their wedding day capturing their story. Watching both families come together and hug was heart warming. It was a hot day in San jose and all of our cameras gave us overheating warning sign. I believe we did an amazing job with all of our team capturing all the footage we possibly could get in some of the roughest conditions. We created a short wedding film so you can enjoy their wedding story. Song choices: Linden (Licensed with The Music Bed) Photography: You+We Photography Cinematography: Aperina Studios Wedding Venue: Saratoga Country Club Reception Venue: Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel   We are an Indian Wedding Videography company that works closely with you to make sure that we capture your special days with intricate attention....

When I first met James and Selina (via Skype), right away I wanted to be their wedding cinematographer! They were a fun and lovely couple - a perfect match. I love what I do. When the couple loves what we do as well, it makes me want to do so much better! That's why we came 1 hour early just to grab a few creative shots of the beautiful Venue. We loved everything about the wedding. The decorations, the flowers, and especially the Bride and Groom! We worked hard all day - telling their story through our cinematography. I hope you enjoy this short film that we have produced from James and Selina’s Wedding. Feel free to leave comments below if you enjoy the film and this amazing couple.

Capturing weddings during the middle of the week usually means the wedding is going to be small, elegant, and personal. That is exactly how Adrian & Christiana's wedding was. The handsome groom flew in from London. The gorgeous bride flew in from the Caribbean. The groomsman flew in from Sweden and the bridesmaid (with her husband) from Canada for this destination wedding. There were a total of five people present at the wedding (six with the officiant). This is exactly how the bride pictured her wedding. We at Aperina Studios came with our three crew members to bring the total number of people to 9. This was the smallest wedding I think we have ever photographed or filmed but we had such an amazing time capturing the intimate wedding elopement these five best friends were having in the beautiful Madrona Manor in Healdsburg, CA. Enjoy the Next Day Edit and expand the post the view a lot more photos! Song choice: All Fair - Lovelite (Licensed with The Music Bed) Napa Valley Wedding Elopement Video, Elopement Videography, Elopement Cinematography, Wedding Elopement in Napa...

Filming a wedding at Firehouse, one of my favorite restaurant in Sacramento, was awesome. The trees casting their shadows over us on the wedding day was a relief as the temperature were above 108 F.  The couple simply enjoyed their day. They didn't stress. They just wanted to have fun and get married! Enjoy this short teaser of their story.

Driving to a wedding where we see beautiful rolling hills is amazing. We get excited because we know we will have stunning footage. We know we will have fun creating a wedding teaser! And we know that the wedding film will be simply amazing. At the end of the day when we were packing our bags with a flashlight, we knew 100% that we succeeded in filming that stunning footage. We were the best wedding videographers in Livermore, CA that day!

Roman and Natalie's long distance relationship finally ended, and a new, more amazing life together began. Their love for one another was seen throughout the day and there was no mistake that they were meant for each other. Even though they just saw each other only 6 times before their wedding, it felt like they have known each other for forever. Talking to Natalie before the wedding about the video and hearing their story, I got excited and really wanted to film their wedding. And honestly, the excitement didn't fade away. The wedding went smoothly and I saw their story in many aspects of the wedding. I loved that. I believe that every wedding should be portray the love story of the couple that is getting married. And their's was a perfect example. Roman is a Pastor of a young church in New Jersey. Knowing that, I realized that it would be great to start off the video with a Bible verse; a Bible verse that was very special to both Roman and Natalie.

This is Nik and Inna. Happy. And this is their wedding teaser.

Well of course, but what's cool is that we love filming weddings! Including this one. When I edited the first version of this teaser, I wasn't to happy. I didn't even want to post it online. So I waited couple days, and pulled off something I love. Totally starting from scratch, choosing a new song, and bringing couple new shots. After completing the teaser version 2, I was satisfied and here it is for you to enjoy. Enjoy and share!

In most weddings we know exactly whats going on, but this wedding introduced us to many new traditions. Hearing a short history of the traditions from the groom, we understood that it's very important that we capture every moment. Working with the couple was simple. Jonathan treated us with so much respect at the wedding that I was honestly surprised but humbled at the same time and just wanted to do even better. The entire wedding was really fun. Enjoy the short teaser. A longer film will be coming later, as of course, this teaser doesn't even cover 5% of what happened  at the wedding.

Vera emailed me around 8 months before the wedding giving us a nice compliment and of course inquiring about her wedding date. Then she told me the wedding is in Portland, Maine. I was shocked. All the way from there! How did they find us? Well thank you Yuriy Manchik for your referral. Of course they signed the contract, gave us more compliments, and got us excited for the trip.Couple days before the trip, hurricane Irene was threatening our travel. Definitely got us worried, but we came there safely. We beat the storm by around 20 hours in one of the states we had a layover.

Couple years ago I went to South Dakota with Ilona(my wife), Inna (sister-in-law) and Yaro. Who knew that Yaro would meet the love of his life there and then. We all came home safe, got back to regular life, but Yaro started a new life - dating Sveta. That kept going for a while and then he proposed. He would visit SD many times, Sveta also came over to California couple times, but Sveta's last visit to CA became permanent.