Yaro & Sveta’s Wedding Teaser

Couple years ago I went to South Dakota with Ilona(my wife), Inna (sister-in-law) and Yaro. Who knew that Yaro would meet the love of his life there and then. We all came home safe, got back to regular life, but Yaro started a new life – dating Sveta. That kept going for a while and then he proposed. He would visit SD many times, Sveta also came over to California couple times, but Sveta’s last visit to CA became permanent. They enjoyed their wedding day as they had a long distant relationship. Seeing her, Yaro would always rejoice and be happy around her and that mood was very well carried out through-out the wedding day.

The song inspiration came from the radio when I was listening to air-1 and then I heard the line,

It’s the child on her wedding day
It’s the daddy that gives her away
Something beautiful, yeah, yeah
When we laugh so hard we cry
All the love between you and I
Something beautiful

Song: Something Beautiful – Newsboys

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