George & Vera’s Wedding Teaser

Vera emailed me around 8 months before the wedding giving us a nice compliment and of course inquiring about her wedding date. Then she told me the wedding is in Portland, Maine. I was shocked. All the way from there! How did they find us? Well thank you Yuriy Manchik for your referral. Of course they signed the contract, gave us more compliments, and got us excited for the trip.Couple days before the trip, hurricane Irene was threatening our travel. Definitely got us worried, but we came there safely. We beat the storm by around 20 hours in one of the states we had a layover.We met George and Vera that night and quickly started to study them as a couple. Talking to them, we realized that George drove a lot to Maine as he was from New Hampshire. So we decided to incorporate that into the video and start off the teaser that way. George was fun to work with his sense of humor and simpleness. Vera was influenced by George and was just as fun and kept the mood easy going. Through out the day we went to many beautiful places that Maine has to offer and captured some amazing shots. Even their church backyard was a photo-shoot! We would drive around and be like: Wow, this place is awesome, and that too, oh and look there! Seriously, every backyard was usable for a nice photo/video-shoot.

After the wedding we got home and I quickly started backing up the footage, looking through it, and marking my favorites. The next morning we went to their church, ate lobster, played some volleyball (surprisingly competitive), and experience Irene first hand! Being ready to fly out the next morning, we broke apart our equipment so it’d fit in our luggage and went to sleep. Next morning, we drove to Portland airport, dragged the 6 bags we had and went to the kiosk to type in our info. Surprisingly, the kiosk gave us an error: “sorry your flight is not available.”  WHAT? YEP! We got stranded for couple more days in Maine. So we played more volleybal, ate more shrimp, and got to know more people. What a fun trip!

So that was our experience, you may go ahead and experience the wedding teaser. Enjoy and share!

Song: All About Us  – He is We

Photography: Manchik Photography
Cinematography: Aperina Studios

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