Straight Gospel

We got an amazing chance to give back to the community and help create a video to help promote Missionary Gospel Church’s Ministry. It was definitely a fun and inspiring project.  We spent a bunch of hours filming and then even more hours editing.

The idea was to tell the world about the Gospel of Jesus Christ but with a twist. We wanted to include a music video in the end to touch peoples’ hearts. I believe it worked! I love this video and hope you will enjoy.

Did you love the song? Download it! It’s free. You Need A Saviour – Straight Gospel

You can visit our churches website here: Missionary Gospel Church

Cinematography: Aperina Studios
Song Lyrics: Vadim Zanko
Sound Recording: Andrey Makovey
Speaker: David Mazur
Background Music: Yours and Mine – Instrumental (Licensed with The Music Bed)

We are a sacramento video production company that works passionately to achieve superior and creative results.

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