In most weddings we know exactly whats going on, but this wedding introduced us to many new traditions. Hearing a short history of the traditions from the groom, we understood that it's very important that we capture every moment. Working with the couple was simple. Jonathan treated us with so much respect at the wedding that I was honestly surprised but humbled at the same time and just wanted to do even better. The entire wedding was really fun. Enjoy the short teaser. A longer film will be coming later, as of course, this teaser doesn't even cover 5% of what happened  at the wedding.

Vera emailed me around 8 months before the wedding giving us a nice compliment and of course inquiring about her wedding date. Then she told me the wedding is in Portland, Maine. I was shocked. All the way from there! How did they find us? Well thank you Yuriy Manchik for your referral. Of course they signed the contract, gave us more compliments, and got us excited for the trip.Couple days before the trip, hurricane Irene was threatening our travel. Definitely got us worried, but we came there safely. We beat the storm by around 20 hours in one of the states we had a layover.

Couple years ago I went to South Dakota with Ilona(my wife), Inna (sister-in-law) and Yaro. Who knew that Yaro would meet the love of his life there and then. We all came home safe, got back to regular life, but Yaro started a new life - dating Sveta. That kept going for a while and then he proposed. He would visit SD many times, Sveta also came over to California couple times, but Sveta's last visit to CA became permanent.

I never start working on a film or wedding teaser if I don't have any inspiration. Usually it's from a song, sometimes from other things like movies (Shrek 4). This time, inspiration came very simply - through a txt message. My sister texted me a "very" cute song and it totally inspired me to start working on Vlad & Lily's wedding teaser. I had a different song in mind for Vlad and Lily, but "Rest Of My Life" by Bruno Mars took over my original plan and I had to edit the teaser to it. Many times I know what song I'll be using for a couple, but after studying the couple on their wedding day more closely, I realize I chose the wrong one. I try to choose a song to tell the couples story accurately. That's exactly what happened here and I believe this song choice is perfect for this wedding teaser.

Finally I get to film a wedding!  I had a little break after my wedding but I'm back to creating beautiful wedding films. Meet Alex and Natalia. A great example of a kind and loving couple. Their love is strong to each other and to God. Capturing their emotions and love was very pleasing as it was very natural and came from their hearts vividly.

I am happy to announce that on July 9, 2011, I married the most beautiful girl in the world, the girl of my dreams. Me and and Ilona fell in love couple years ago while going to the same church. Our relationship grew stronger and our story book became bigger and more interesting. We both wanted to tell/show our love story on our wedding day so our wedding guests would know more about us and our story together. To do that, we created our SDE (Same Day Edit). We are happy to present our SDE to you as well. While watching the SDE, look for the connections we created between our love story and the wedding day. Enjoy our story! While creating this video, Ilona and I thought of our true love story. Heading out to Folsom Lake two weeks before our wedding to film the first part of the video, we both admit, we were a little anxious. The night before, Ilona and I even practiced what we would say and even made a few note cards just in case our minds went blank. We wanted to talk about the time we met, our first date, the oh so romantic proposal, and a few other momentous details that led us up to the day we both say, “I do. On the wedding day, we had our camera crew film specific things to incorporate into the SDE. These small things made me and Ilona unique as a couple and we wanted that to be seen in the video. I looked through computer magazines and Ilona looked through wedding magazines to reveal our interests. The short clip of the bridesmaids cutting out letters in the magazines ties into the last shot, which says, “Vitaliy & Ilona, July 9th, 2011” with the letters that were cut out. We did this to add a crafty touch to the video because of Ilona’s love for scrap-booking. We also took moments from our relationship and made them real again on our wedding day. For example, you will notice that our relationship grew from the day...

Roman and Irena didn't see each other before the wedding so it made it very elegant and emotional in the ceremony when he saw her for the first time in her wedding dress walking slowly down the aisle. The mom wiped her tears away as she gave away her daughter to the man that will be taking care of her baby from now on. Capturing the moments was a challenge outside and I believe we did an amazing job doing just that. The wedding presented itself with it's challenges. The sun hid behind clouds constantly forcing us to adjust our camera settings. However, we managed just fine. After enjoying some delicious food at the reception, we took the bride and groom for a walk on the golf field and that paid of so well that those shots ended up to be some of my favorite from this wedding....