Carlos & Victoria’s Same Day Edit

Carlos and Victoria initially did not want to have video for their wedding. All wedding videos they saw before made them not want one for their wedding, but seeing a Same Day Edit on a friends wedding, they realized that they wanted a wedding video for themselves. So they booked the best wedding videography team (humble brag) 4 weeks before the wedding with a Same Day Edit. I was excited to do a Same Day Edit for them – but also nervous. I met up with the lovely couple at Starbucks where we talked a little and got to know each other. Listening to their funny story, I realized that their wedding is simply going to be fun and energetic. It was exactly that.

I love doing Same Day Edits. They are stressful, they are hard, you get headaches, you barely eat, but best of all – the reactions from the bride, groom and the guests are totally worth it.

Because the the morning prep, ceremony and reception were in different location, I was worried that I might not have enough time to edit. I left in the middle of the ceremony to the reception venue – copying cards to my MacBook on my way to Grand Island Mansion. Arriving at the beautiful Venue, I got straight to work. I knew that show time was at 9pm and I had less than 4 hours to edit. I simply spent the first 45 min. organizing all the footage. I usually get straight to editing, but I knew that organization will allow me to find shots 4x faster. I was editing away in Final Cut Pro X ( I love FCP X – It did not crash once!). At 8:15, my edit was completed. I set the Same Day Edit to Export, grabbed a camera and helped my team film fire dancers and fireworks at the back of the Grand Island Mansion.

I was excited for show time!

At 9:00pm, everyone moved inside into the mansion, we dimmed the lights and pressed play! A few seconds into the film, I knew everyone loved it. Especially the bride and groom. The Grand Island Mansion wedding was amazing!

I hope you also enjoy it! Remember that this was edited on the wedding day and shown on the wedding reception. It’s an awesome experience! ENJOY!

Song choice: As Long As Our Hearts Are Beating – Jenny & Tyler  (Licensed with The Music Bed)

Reception: Grand Island Mansion
Cinematography: Aperina Studios

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