Many times, I want to share my edits right away. I want everyone to see it hot off the press! This film on the other hand, I didn’t let myself to share it right after completing it. It felt like it was still a rough draft even though everyone in our office agreed it was ready to post.

It felt like an essay that I just wrote and wanted to turn it in for an A+ but knew it was a B- essay. Some filmmakers would settle for an B- film, I didn’t want to. I never do.

So I spent a few more days tweaking this film and perfecting it. Fixing all the little thing that bothered me and letting my wife critique it. Now I can post it knowing that it’s an A+ level film. I love how it turned out after finalizing.

We love creating short wedding films. We love telling stories and short films allow us to do exactly that. Enjoy this short film.

Ceremony: Bastyr University Chapel
Reception: Westminster Chapel
Photography: The Manchiks
Cinematography: Aperina Studios
Musicians: The Suspenders