Dan & Pamela – Short Film

Located in California’s finest wine country, Napa Valley, Brix was a perfect location for Dan & Pamela’s Wedding. The beautiful couple danced away in the sunset with gorgeous vineyards and gardens in the background. We loved filming the nature and spectacular views of the Mayacamas mountains. The heat was there to challenge us, but I love how we pulled of an amazing story of this couple. As a Napa Valley wedding videographer, we love to tell stories in these enchanted valleys.


On a technical side. We used 5 cameras (Canon 5D MK III DSLRs) and many “L series” lenses. Audio wise, we had the groom and officiant mic’ed up for the ceremony using mini lavs, additionally pulling a feed off of the mixer (for backup). For reception, we simplified the audio, but had a few duplicate audio recorders running from the mixer. We used a Jib to give us those cinematic shots that are hard to get with regular tripods or monopods. Looking over the shots, we did an amazing job “harmonizing” shots and making sure they work together. We usually plan our camera layout prior to the ceremony and reception to give us the shots I want. More importantly, so we can work effectively and to get the best coverage possible. With experience, we are able to plan our layout within minutes, but each wedding is a challenge. Our opening aerial shots, I do for fun. I love flying my personal camera in the air to get an amazing view while I’m at a beautiful location. We edit and color-correct/grade in FCPX (I love Final Cut) using built in color correction and a few plugins.


Over the years I understood a basic principle I go by: with amazing footage, you can make an amazing film! So we do just that. Enjoy this short film!

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Cinematography: Aperina Studios
Venue Reception: Brix Restaurant & Gardens

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Cinematography, Short Film
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