When we film weddings it is never surprising to see the couples happy and in love… but to film a 25 year anniversary and to see the couple really happy and in love was amazing! Shooting a wedding or anniversary where the couple vocally and visually expresses love is so amazing because the day is just filled with so much emotions to capture and we just film away. This lovely couple made us feel comfortable during the initial meeting and we bonded right from the beginning. We looked at their wedding video from 25 years ago and laughed at how much things have changed since then in cinematography. We even decided to incorporate it into our film!

Prem and Richard had a traditional western ceremony and a Indian part of the ceremony with the colorful costumes, gowns… We enjoyed capturing every bit of this anniversary as there was so much color to capture. At the end of the day, all the older folks showed their moves on the dance floor. I have never seen so much energy from people of this age. It was one amazing anniversary and it gave us some hope of happiness and life even when you are further down your path in age.

Enjoy this anniversary film that we created for them recapping the story of their anniversary.

Cinematography, Film