Ethnic Wedding in Little Rock, Arkansas – Jason & Rupal

As wedding videographers (or as some would say, wedding cinematographers), we are thrilled when a couple requests us to travel across the country and capture the big day of their love story. It’s always interesting to see how the town has shaped the couple, especially when the bride and groom come from different cultures. The wedding of Jason and Rupal took place in Little Rock, Arkansas and because it was a Destination Wedding for us (and many of the guests), filming their 3-day wedding was truly a memorable weekend filled with emotional, ethnic, and tender moments.

Ironic side note: When making arrangements with our team, the couple initially started off by calling this weekend a “small party.” But as we learned very quickly, uniting a Hindu and Western family does not call for a small celebration.

Upon arriving to Little Rock the day before all the festivities began, we spent our first day visiting the historic downtown of this city. We took our drone out and filmed some awesome shots of the city, making sure to capture some patriotic symbols, as we learned the groom was in the military. (Thank you for your service, sir).

We met with the bride before the first events, and let me tell you – all the folks who said how sweet she is during their speeches, were not exaggerating one bit. Rupal was so respectful and trusting. She welcomed us with a warm heart, though we never met before. Working with a couple that trusts your skills is so refreshing. It allows us to capture our footage without any reservations and the atmosphere is so pleasant to work in.

The first day, we filmed the haldi ceremony (maiyan ceremony). This is a cultural ritual where symbolic paste is applied to the bride’s body. The paste serves as a cleanser for the body and soul and signifies the bride’s preparation and welcoming into adult married life. After that was traditional bridal henna. This is one of my favorite scenes to film in Hindu weddings because the art and intricate designs look so beautiful in the video.

The second day was the wedding ceremony. This event started off with a more intimate group, with the closest family members and friends of the couple. It actually took place in their house. I mean, the gorgeous mountaintop views were fit for a movie and the couple gets to enjoy that every day! I never knew weddings in Little Rock, AR could take my breath away but this wedding sure did. Even though the wedding was challenging to pull of with only 2 cinematographers, we pulled of some amazing footage and made sure to film all the cultural traditions the couple chose to incorporate into their wedding.

This ceremony had a cool blend of Western culture and Hindu culture. This was the shortest Hindu ceremony we have ever filmed (as they usually go on for a few hours), but with the mix of Western culture, this provided us with really good content for the video. 

The final day of their wedding weekend was nothing short of breathtaking. The gorgeous wedding reception took place in The Robinson Center and if you’re not familiar with it, this is a building that has hosted many well-known artists like Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, and Elvis Presley. We knew we had to capture all of the wonderful details of this celebration so we got to work right away. Once the wedding reception started, the family’s sentimental speeches gave us an emotionally captivating base for the film and they told the couple’s story through the guests’ eyes. With that, our video encompasses a deeper meaning of the couple’s love story.

All in all, this Little Rock Wedding was anything but little! The genuine love and respect between the couple and among the family members was so touching. Jason and Rupal are truly meant for each other and it was a sincere honor to film their Wedding in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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After getting back to Sacramento, we got to editing the film right away but we couldn’t wait to share the stunning decor from the reception. So, we went ahead and posted a teaser on our Instagram page. The decorations were beautifully designed by Bella Baxter events and Magnolia Bella Floral.

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