Waking up 30 min. before an alarm rings is always a good sign for me in the morning. Especially before a wedding. Getting out of the house dragging all the camera bags behind me, I drove to Irena’s house with a weird excitement. I felt that this wedding will be fun, elegant, and dreamy. Arriving at the brides house 10 min early, I began filming. Hair shots, rings shots, dress shots and so on. For make-up we drove out to Roseville Galleria Mall (Nordstrom) where we spent some time filming inside and on the way back I decided to stop by the venue to grab some prep shots that I may use for the film. I was inspired by what kind of shots I was able to grab and realized that even the prep shots write the story of the wedding day. I fell in love with the idea of filming prep shots in the venue and will put all my efforts to try to capture these kind of shots on other weddings as well.

Roman and Irena didn’t see each other before the wedding so it made it very elegant and emotional in the ceremony when he saw her for the first time in her wedding dress walking slowly down the aisle. The mom wiped her tears away as she gave away her daughter to the man that will be taking care of her baby from now on. Capturing the moments was a challenge outside and I believe we did an amazing job doing just that. The wedding presented itself with it’s challenges. The sun hid behind clouds constantly forcing us to adjust our camera settings. However, we managed just fine. After enjoying some delicious food at the reception, we took the bride and groom for a walk on the golf field and that paid of so well that those shots ended up to be some of my favorite from this wedding.

I decided to take a different approach in editing and pick a song that didn’t have lyrics. It’s a very elegant emotional song and it gave me the inspiration needed to put this cinematic teaser together. I believe I have raised my own bar for wedding teaser and I hope I will continue to do that with upcoming weddings. Enjoy this cinematic wedding teaser.

Venue: Morgan Creek Golf Club
Song: Lavanya – E.S. Posthumus

Cinematography, Short Film