Wedding Cinematography – “add-ons” versus “all-in”

It’s pretty amazing to see how wedding cinematography has evolved in the last few years. I’ve been filming wedding since 2005 and it’s very exciting to see the evolution of wedding art. Back in the days, things were simple – you took a camera and filmed as much as you can. This was the age of “wedding videography.” In 2008, we witnessed a HUGE change in the wedding industry with the release of the first Full Frame DSLR Canon 5D MK II that recorded video. A camera that immensely redefined filming weddings and created a new “breed” of videographers: Wedding Cinematographers, Wedding Filmmakers, Wedding Storytellers and so on. The quality of wedding videos improved dramatically, the stories improved and the wedding video industry in itself shot up.

my wedding videographer days

However, transitioning from being a wedding videographer to a wedding cinematographer was not easy for me. The process of filming on the wedding was a lot more time consuming. The gear required was a lot more expensive and presented it’s own set of issues. The story-telling approach to editing took a lot of time and dedication. As a whole, being a wedding cinematographer was not really profitable.

That was until I realized a few things: 1. Keep doing amazing films. 2. Put all of my heart into each wedding. 3. Don’t worry about profit margins.

I kept pushing my business with those principles for a good 4 years before I started to notice my business growing at a healthy rate booking amazing couples. Since then, I have kept pushing my principle in all aspects of my business – especially wedding cinematography packages.

my wedding cinematography days

This leads me to my main topic: wedding cinematography packages with “add-ons” versus “all-in.”

Let me explain this a bit. There are 2 ways to build a wedding cinematography package: 1. book a minimum package and sell a million add-ons on top, or 2. book a package that resembles your best work without having the couple add-on a few add-ons (besides obvious stuff like extra days/hours and end products).

I decided from the beginning that I want every couple to have an amazing wedding film. I can’t do that if I start with a bare package and require every couple to add “stuff” into their package to “work their way up” in quality. This means I don’t want to charge for Drone coverage – I want each wedding (if it adds to the story) to have drone shots. I want every wedding to have amazing cinematic shots with a jib (again, if it adds to the story). Nothing will be extra to the package. I will simply bring all my tools (equipment) and use the necessary ones on each and every wedding – with no exception.

Ronak and Bani blew us away with their Indian/Hindu wedding! We filmed for 5 days in a row, capturing beautiful moments of the culture, the family, and the couple. We literally filmed 2 weddings in 1. Enjoy this short film of a beautiful Indian Wedding. Indian Wedding Cinematography is becoming more and more of our speciality. Our team, with me leading the vision on each wedding, is always challenged. No wedding is easy – but the professionalism and the teamwork we have, allows us to keep Aperina Studios as a leading Indian wedding videography company in Northern California. Additionally, we like to bring “cinema tools” to each wedding that are not necessarily part of the wedding cinematography package (as we don’t really care about profit margins to be honest) – we care about capturing amazing shots and telling a story in a way that the Indian culture is used to seeing – in a dramatic and epic way. Drone shots allow us to capture footage that is breath-taking from the sky. Jib/Crane shots allow us to show the venue and other aspect of the wedding decoration in a way that is more cinematic and beautiful. Besides all the typical tools like tripods and glide-cam, we are able to create shots on another level that many other Indian Wedding Videography companies will try to compete with. We love setting the bar high and I believe that this cinematic wedding video sets the bar high. Capturing the wedding is not the end of the process. We love telling stories with our edits. It is as important to be a good wedding videographer as well as a really good editor. It doesn’t matter what software we edit in, but it matters how we put the story together. I believe that our editing is as strong and more importantly in tandem with our creative filming techniques. This allows our end product, a cinematic wedding film, to be beautiful, emotional and a true reflection of the bride and groom. A true priceless memory for the beautiful couple. Song choices: The Open Door – Cowboys in Japan (Licensed with The Music Bed) & Well Kept – Ryan Taubert (Licensed with The Music Bed) Cinematography: Aperina Studios ( ) Ceremony: Sikh Gurdwara Sahib Henna: Mehndi Designer (Neeta Sharma) Hair: The Secret Brush Make Up: Make Up by Yeya Say "hello" on our Social networks: Instagram: Facebook:

Each wedding will have epic shots. Each wedding will look the best it possibly can. Each wedding is “all-in” from my part. There is nothing extra the couple can book to get a better film. I will do everything possible to make sure that we capture the wedding in the best possible way.

And this approach is what set me, my team and my films apart. If you look in our portfolio, all of our Feature Films, Short Films and Same Day Edits are amazing – I didn’t cut any corners. I simply went out all the way to capture each and every wedding in the best possible way.

A look at a LIVE Same Day Edit on an Indian Wedding - Rohan & Semmy - youtube Video

Taking things to the next level with this LIVE Same Day Edit at an Indian Wedding.

Yes, our packages might be a bit more expensive than other affordable wedding videographers in Sacramento, Bay Area, Napa and California, but the difference in our end product is staggering. Additionally, there are no add-ons you can add to make your wedding film better. We only charge for additional hours and/or additional products.

Your wedding film will be watched all your life and for generations to come. I am humbled when I can create a film that brings tears to yours eyes; in awe of the preserved priceless memories. That is why your wedding film is an investment. And I want to be part of your wedding day capturing your story in the best possible way – with no strings attached.

"Open your eyes. It’s a beautiful life. It’s so beautiful." The lyrics of the song express the wedding of Kelly & Owen perfectly. This wedding was beautiful. The bride, the venue, the gnarled walnut tree, the vows, the flowers - everything. I loved capturing every detail and I think we pulled it off well. I personally love Napa Valley and when we get a chance to film a wedding in the wine country, I get excited. Additionally, we LOVE working with couples that LOVE our work, especially when they express it to us. It secretly allows us to go into a higher gear when filming their wedding. Enjoy the story of the day that Kelly and Owen professed their love to each other. Song choices: Beautiful Life - My Red + Blue (Licensed with The Music Bed) Cinematography: Aperina Studios ( ) Photography: Kreate Photography Wedding Planning: Ooh La La Wedding & Events Venue: Triple S Ranch Napa Florist: Miss Meliss Floral Design Hair & Makeup: Bella Bridal Say "hello" on our Social networks: Instagram: Facebook:

Find out more about our Wedding Cinematography and our Wedding Cinematography Package. Let the work speak for itself.

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