Vladimir & Lily’s Wedding Teaser

I never start working on a film or wedding teaser if I don’t have any inspiration. Usually it’s from a song, sometimes from other things like movies (Shrek 4). This time, inspiration came very simply – through a txt message. My sister texted me a “very” cute song and it totally inspired me to start working on Vlad & Lily’s wedding teaser. I had a different song in mind for Vlad and Lily, but “Rest Of My Life” by Bruno Mars took over my original plan and I had to edit the teaser to it. Many times I know what song I’ll be using for a couple, but after studying the couple on their wedding day more closely, I realize I chose the wrong one. I try to choose a song to tell the couples story accurately. That’s exactly what happened here and I believe this song choice is perfect for this wedding teaser.Vladimir and Lily are truly in love. They started dating on April 14, he proposed on June 14, and they got married on August 14, 2011. And let’s not forget to mention that their 6 month anniversary will be on February 14 – Valentines Day. This marriage was definitely created by God.

The Touch: We made sure we talked to Vlad & Lily before the wedding specifically about the video so they would know what it means to tell their wedding story on their wedding day. We also gave them ideas how to express their story more visibly so in their film the viewers can see their story. And of course in the future, they would be able to look at their wedding film and remember their love story again. Thats why Lily chose to include her purity ring in the wedding day and gift it to Vlad.

Enjoy the wedding teaser.

  • Yana
    Posted at 15:22h, 16 August Reply

    Wow, you are fast! I love how you captured the group hug and the guys jamming, and of course, Lily’s narrative.

  • olviya
    Posted at 12:37h, 21 September Reply

    so sweet! I love how you included their special moment in the teaser

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