Sikh & Hindu Wedding Short Film – Ronak & Bani

Ronak and Bani blew us away with their Indian/Hindu wedding! We filmed for 5 days in a row, capturing beautiful moments of the culture, the family, and the couple. We literally filmed 2 weddings in 1. Enjoy this short film of a beautiful Indian Wedding.

Indian Wedding Cinematography is becoming more and more of our speciality. Our team, with me leading the vision on each wedding, is always challenged. No wedding is easy – but the professionalism and the teamwork we have, allows us to keep Aperina Studios as a leading Indian wedding videography company in Northern California. Additionally, we like to bring “cinema tools” to each wedding that are not necessarily part of the wedding cinematography package (as we don’t really care about profit margins to be honest) – we care about capturing amazing shots  and telling a story in a way that the Indian culture is used to seeing – in a dramatic and epic way. Drone shots allow us to capture footage that is breath-taking from the sky. Jib/Crane shots allow us to show the venue and other aspect of the wedding decoration in a way that is more cinematic and beautiful. Besides all the typical tools like tripods and glide-cam, we are able to create shots on another level that many other Indian Wedding Videography companies will try to compete with. We love setting the bar high and I believe that this cinematic wedding video sets the bar high.

Capturing the wedding is not the end of the process. We love telling stories with our edits. It is as important to be a good wedding videographer as well as a really good editor. It doesn’t matter what software we edit in, but it matters how we put the story together. Here is an example of a well organized FCPX timeline – a timeline that takes a full 40 hours to put together (keep in mind that it’s only 6 minutes long)

Editing a wedding in FCPX Aperina Studios

I believe that our editing is as strong and more importantly in tandem with our creative filming techniques. This allows our end product, a cinematic wedding film, to be beautiful, emotional and a true reflection of the bride and groom. A true priceless memory for the beautiful couple.

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During the wedding days, we decided to create something new for Ronak & Bani that we have never done before. An Instagram teaser on their reception day – something for the couple and their family to relive on their last day of the wedding celebration. Of course, it’s just a small story, but the couple enjoyed it!

Sometimes, we get a chance to take a picture with the Bride and Groom. We love our couples and I’m glad that we are friends!

Wedding Videography team Aperina Studios on Bani and Ronak's wedding

We are a San Jose Indian Wedding Cinematography company that creates Cinematic Films and Same Day Edits from Sikh, Hindu & Pakistani weddings.

  • hanif malik
    Posted at 19:57h, 30 May Reply

    Awesome…God bless the lovely couple…

  • Aditi Dipa
    Posted at 17:06h, 30 June Reply

    This is amazing! Wow.

  • Victor
    Posted at 17:14h, 30 June Reply

    Unbelievable cinematography! This is amazing.. LOVE it!

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