Rustic Indian and Western Wedding at Union Hill Inn – Sonora, CA

Two families, two cultures, two people, one love. This beautiful rustic and multicultural wedding took place at Union Hill Inn in Sonora, CA – the perfect wedding venue to celebrate the union of one incredibly diverse couple. Fitting two weddings in one day, Raj (Hindu) and Haley (American) honored both of their cultures, commemorating a heritage that remains a strong part of who they are.

Raj and Haley spent the past 11 years growing in love and respect for each other, a fact that was evidently clear as we filmed their wedding day. Their families, fully immersed in their love for the bride and groom, actively participated in all cultural activities with open minds and cheerful hearts. This multicultural wedding brought all the colors and festivities worthy of celebrating the happy couple.

The wedding day began with a western wedding as Raj and Haley exchanged their vows in a beautiful rustic barn at Union Hill Inn. 

With every beat of my heart, I promise to love you - this is my solemn vow.

Raj (vows)

After exchanging their self- written vows, the bride and groom shared an intimate moment during the unity sand ceremony. Both partners poured sand into one single glass vase, signifying the union of their two lives. With excitement, the family continued the celebrations as they moved to the beautifully decorated gazebo for the Indian wedding.

For the Indian wedding, the bride and groom incorporated traditional Indian rituals as they each walked in a baraat to the ceremony surrounded by family and loved ones. The couple participated in a puja ceremony, a traditional Hindu ceremony involving prayer, incense, flowers, and food. The marriage was officiated as the bride and groom walked around a fire four times, with the final lap led by the bride. With blessings from the priest, parents and loved ones, Raj and Haley were officially husband and wife.

Togetherness- that is what family is all about.

Father of the Bride

Spoken in truth by the bride’s father, the reception was filled with togetherness as both families joined as one in celebration of Raj and Haley. Embracing traditions from both sides, the night was filled with toasts to the happy couple and dancing – a lot of dancing!

Union Hill Inn, one of the best wedding venues in Tuolumne county, hosted a wedding fitting for such a beautiful couple. And as a wedding videographer, it was an honor to film such a genuine love shared between Raj and Haley. 

We hope you enjoy this Union Hill Inn wedding film celebrating the togetherness shared between two culturally diverse families. 

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