Romantic Outdoor Wedding Under an Oak Tree in Sutter, CA – Jacob & Jacqueline

Jacqueline and Jacob dreamt about getting married at Jacqueline’s fathers’ property in Sutter, CA. The 40 acre property featured rolling hills, oak trees and a stunning view. The couple knew this would be a perfect place for their Outdoor Wedding. But there was a catch – the location needed A LOT of work to host a wedding there.

The couple started planning their wedding in 2019 leaving plenty of time to work out the details for their wedding this year. That was until COVID hit and many things around the world came to a standstill. In choosing to host their wedding at the father of the bride’s backyard, Jacob began his work. Even though the world stood still, Jacob slowly continued to improve the backyard area to get it ready for the big day in October. Bringing in heavy machinery to flatten groundwork and gravel to cover the road way, Jacob worked tirelessly all the way up till the day before the wedding. As a woodworker, he even built all of the wood aspects of the wedding, including the wooden stage and their reception table.

Happiness in marriage is not something that just happens, it has to be created


On October 10, 2020, their vision became a reality. Under a large oak tree, surrounded by their family and friends, the couple exchanged their emotional wedding vows and said “I do.” This was the part of the wedding that the bride and groom looked forward to the most and it was clear that they were 100% in this forever. You could feel the connection and love they have for each other during those vows. By the strength of their love and commitment, Jacob and Jacqueline were finally husband and wife. 

I choose you over and over again, and I promise to continue choosing you for the rest of my life


For the creative photoshoot, we took a trip up a bumpy road in the back of a pickup truck (holding on for our deal life) to the top of the mountain overlooking the whole valley for a gorgeous view of the sunset. The scene was breathtaking and the shots that we captured of the couple were equally as stunning.

The reception was held under oak trees with hanging string lights above the guests. It was a perfect and romantic setting for this beautiful wedding. Kicking off with a grand entrance, the reception was filled with speeches by family and loved ones and of course, the couples first dance. The party continued late into the night with hours upon hours of dancing.

On this wedding, we decided to completely film the full wedding in 4K on the new Canon R5 cameras (and a few Canon 5D MK IVs). We are blown away by the quality of the footage that this camera delivers and are really excited to open the doors for this new era of 4K at our wedding cinematography company. We are still continuing to experiment with this camera and expect to keep it for quite a bit, so we’re excited that most of our new films will be captured and published in pristine 4K resolution! Tip: Just make sure you’re visiting us in Chrome browser and have set the video resolution in the settings (the gear icon) to 4K.

We hope this film immersed you into the beautiful wedding of Jacob and Jacqueline’s outdoor wedding in Sutter, CA.

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