Intimate and Elegant Muslim Wedding at Fairmont San Francisco – Mojo & Zainab

This extraordinary and absolutely breathtaking Muslim wedding was originally planned for 2020, but because of Covid, it was spanned over the course of 2 years. Having only had the Nikah Ceremony during the previous year – a Muslim equivalent of being officially married; now it was time for the grand celebration. And let us start by saying what an iconic event it was! Mojo and Zainab had a Muslim wedding at Fairmont San Francisco that felt like the perfect romantic Bollywood movie! All the perfect emotions, all the love, dancing and support, it was truly magical! We hope you will enjoy this intimate and elegant muslim wedding at the Fairmont San Francisco. 

A year before their Fairmont San Francisco wedding they had a Nikah ceremony. It was hosted in the beautiful Casa Bella in Sunol, CA where we filmed so many heartwarming moments. However, what matters the most to us is capturing the story of the wedding. So, having noticed how a video of a very dear Imam was special to Mojo, we decided to include it in the wedding film. Truly happy to have been able to seamlessly achieve that (even though it was of lower quality) as it complemented their story perfectly.

What completely melted us was the fact that as soon as things got uncertain and they didn’t know when they were going to celebrate their Nikah, Zainab started writing a diary about what she loved about Mojo every day, which she gave as a gift to him (so many pages were filled out in the dairy). Watching him read her diary and being brought to tears was truly a surreal and heartfelt moment.

A year went by and it was time for their Muslim Wedding at Fairmont San Francisco. First, the wedding events started with a Mehndi Night at the San Ramon Marriott, filled with speeches, spectacular performances and incredible dancing. This really set the tone for their Bollywood celebration! A fun and epic night which we made sure we filmed completely – cinematically capturing everything. The smoke bombs for the groom’s entrance were the perfect touch before he got to show his fantastic dancing skills! Zainab got pulled into the dancing which elevated the whole ambient with smiles and wonderful fun emotions.

The next day was followed by the most beautiful reception at the Hotel Fairmont San Francisco. It started with the bride reading an emotional note by her beloved which he wax stamped himself right before. The sincere feelings as she spoke his words were soulful and so special that really illuminated the whole wedding video. This was a beautiful prequel to the first look where their adoration for each other crowned the whole wedding videography session. Zainab looked breathtaking in the bridal designs of Luxurious Couture By Marium S and Sara Qayyum, making Mojo feel enchanted by her bliss and stole kisses whenever he could. In fact, the whole wedding video is filled with his utter adoration for her that made it super cute!

Their Muslim Wedding at Fairmont San Francisco was very elegant and lavish, with every detail tailoring an ambiance that made the whole guest experience one-of-a-kind. The beautiful and emotional speeches were the highlight as they all expressed their thoughts about the couple. We especially loved infusing the wedding film with their sincere words that spoke of a special love story unlike any other. 

Zainab and Mojo shared a unique moment at the Hotel Fairmont San Francisco in an intimate atmosphere with a harpist @truetoyourharp, dancing and savoring the newlywed feeling. It was so romantic and magical that we felt honored to have been a part of it with our wedding videography. This epic night ended with a stellar exit from their reception – Rukhsati, and the bride and groom drove off in his yellow Porsche. It was a perfect ending to a super sweet and joyful celebration that was a pleasure to cinematically capture.

After filming this Muslim Wedding at Fairmont San Francisco we were in awe of the whole experience. Every wedding story is special and we hope you will be inspired by this emotional and special Bollywood artistry that was spectacular! We serve to create the most beautiful memories and we are beyond passionate about filming a flawless wedding video that would do justice to your love. Relentlessly guided by the power of emotion and visual narrative, we are sure that we would be the perfect fit to capture your ceremony and celebration too. We take pride in creating an extraordinary cinematic wedding film that will overwhelm you with emotions for decades to come. Get in touch if you want us to become a part of your loving tale and create a cinematic film of your epic day!

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Cinematography: Aperina Studios
Photography: Aperina Studios
Wedding Coordinator: Platinum Events Bay Area
Nikah Venue: Case Bella Sunol 
Mehndi Venue: San Ramon Marriott
Wedding and Reception Venue: Fairmont San Francisco Hotel (one of the best wedding venues in the Bay Area)

Music selection licensed with The Music Bed.

We are a Wedding Cinematography company that captures cinematic wedding films.

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