Enchanting Jewish and Sikh Wedding at Pageo Lavender Farm, California

This Pageo Lavender Farm wedding was all about emotion, devotion, and pure love. Both the bride and groom are from different cultures so they decided to intertwine them by having a three-day Jewish and Sikh wedding celebration.

Sometimes when you enter a place, you can immediately feel the love all around, which immediately inspired us to entwine that emotion into our wedding videography. The first day was tailored in the name of Indian wedding traditions where many nuptial customs are included. The bride and groom both had a Haldi ceremony – an Indian tradition where oil is applied to both the bride and groom blessing them. What made the whole experience even more magical is that the Jewish family from the bride’s side enjoyed every part of it. The bride was beautifully painted with henna and looked absolutely stunning, making the groom steal a quick kiss whenever he got the chance. The chemistry between them was unbelievably sweet which of course we as wedding videographers were delighted to film!

When the second day came, it was time to film the first part of their Jewish and Sikh wedding. Continuing the Indian wedding traditions from the previous day, their love story unfolded with lavish Indian customs and a wedding ceremony at the temple – Sikh Center of San Francisco Bay Area in El Sobrante, California. All the details from the preparations and the baraat, milni and anand karaj completed their story and we loved including every single one of them in their wedding film. The multicultural wedding ceremony was completed with a beautiful and creative video shoot at the Sikh Gurdwara.

The final third day was infused with the bride’s culture, a Jewish ceremony. Our enchanting bride truly treasured every moment getting ready and walking around the grounds before the multicultural wedding at Pageo Lavender Farms. She even took her sweet dog which was a real treat for us as wedding videographers to film this special moment. The whole union was very elegant and featured many Jewish wedding traditions. What highlighted their wedding was the lovely session in the lavender field, even though it wasn’t in bloom. 

But when it comes to sincere emotions, a truly heartwarming moment was their Jewish and Sikh wedding vows:

When I look in your eyes, I see my entire world. Your smile unravels me, and your kiss takes me to paradise. I know I am the luckiest man in the world because I get to take your hand in marriage today


The Jewish wedding reception speeches were also spoken with so much love for these two wonderful souls who have brought two different cultures together and merged them as one family. It was a blessing to film and experience every single part of this Pageo Lavender Farms wedding filled with all the feels and fun & wonderful moments.

We hope you enjoyed this Pageo Lavender Farm wedding video. When filming, we pour our heart and soul to perfectly capture your story into a cinematic art that you will cherish for decades to come. If you would like us to be part of your special day as wedding videographers, we are confident that we will create amazing memories that you will re-experience with a flood of emotions every time you watch your wedding film.

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Cinematography: Aperina Studios
Sikh Ceremony Location: Sikh Center of San Francisco Bay Area
Western Wedding Venue: Pageo Lavender Farm (an amazing wedding venue to have your wedding at).
Sikh Wedding Planning: Valley Luxury Events 
Western Wedding Planning: Charmed Events Group

Music selection licensed with The Music Bed.

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