Indian Engagement Party Film – Harmon & Betha

An Elegant and Extravagant Indian Engagement Party Highlight Video of Harmon Thiara & Betha Randhawa.

This sensational day began in the morning with traditional prayer. With the groom’s family gathered in a Sikh temple, the priests read from the Holy book and the family joined in singing songs. Actually, the temple was a 5-car garage just the week before but they worked their magic and transformed it to a temporary, but very realistic, Sikh temple. After a few hours, the groom, Harmon, made his way into the temple and joined his family.

After more prayer, the bride’s family arrived. They made their way to the temple and after praying together, they showered Harmon with various gifts and money. After the the morning customs, the Thiara Residence had a swift makeover – the decorators and florists arrived and transformed the entire property for the evening engagement party.

We returned for the evening engagement party and right away I noticed some workers carrying rather large items into the orchard. Because I wanted to be aware of any unusual events, I asked the groom what they were setting up. He didn’t know and luckily, I didn’t press the matter any further. In a few minutes, the father of the groom calls me over and informs me that he ordered fireworks to be shown the moment his son places the engagement ring on Betha’s finger during the Ring Ceremony and he wanted to make sure I caught the fireworks on my drone. It then hit me! I was so close to ruining a wonderful surprise for the entire family! I realized Harmon had no idea about the workers and I was glad I didn’t ruin the firework surprise for anyone.

The evening continued and guests were filling in the seats in the hall. Once the party started, the bride arrived and made her way to the stage. Betha looked breathtakingly stunning and Harmon was there to greet her with a loving smile and a beautiful bouquet.

All at once, the groom got on his knee to present the ring to the “bride to be” in the presence of their families. Once the ring was placed on her finger, the firework surprise began. It was a spectacular moment for everyone, especially for Harmon and Betha, as they hugged in a warm embrace.

After the 15- minute show, the guests made their way to the dance floor and danced the night away.

We loved seeing the Groom’s Dad closely involved with the celebrations. The best part: he was our insider! He would fill us in about the secret surprises he planned for the evening and that allowed us to capture all of the tender and spectacular moments at his son’s engagement party.

The Engagement Ceremony is one of the Pre Wedding Ceremonies in which the couple exchanges rings. We are honored to work with this couple throughout their entire journey as we were asked to film more pre wedding celebrations scheduled in April and their wedding, which is in May 2018.

This Indian Engagement party was very exciting for us to film. But, it was also challenging. My takeaway from this particular event is that though a couple would love to get away with just hiring one event videographer to film their engagement party, that will always limit the amount of angles we are able to capture while the most tender and special moments happen (usually within a short period of time). For example, when Harmon placed the ring on Betha’s finger, I was filming the firework show on the drone. Another camera was capturing an up close shot of the ring exchange and a third camera was filming the firework show from various angles. Honestly, I wish I had one more angle at that specific moment capturing more reaction shots. My advice to any couple is to consider the benefits of hiring more event videographers for their Engagement and Wedding celebrations. More cameras at an event (you do have to balance it) will result in a more dynamic and encompassing film, with memories that can be revisited for many years after you say “Yes!” and “I do!”

We Do Designs did an outstanding job on the flowers and decor. Notice the gorgeous centerpieces they created.

Enjoy this Indian Engagement Video that we were so honored to film.

Are you looking for an Indian Wedding Cinematographer for your Wedding or Engagement Party? 

Song choices: A Thousand Years – David A. Molina (Licensed with The Music Bed)

Cinematography: Aperina Studios
Photography: Aperina Studios
Decor: We Do Designs
DJ: Wicked Entertainment

As a Sacramento (Norther California) based Indian Wedding Videography team, we would love to be part of your wedding to create a Cinematic Wedding Film and/or a Same Day Edit.

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