Beautiful Outdoor Wedding in Grass Valley, CA (in 4K) – Vlad and Natalie

In the midst of a pandemic, quarantine, and even a wildfire, this bride and groom were finally able to tie the knot at a beautiful Airbnb in Grass Valley, California. Overlooking the Lake of the Pines and the Sierras, this estate was the perfect location for a private, outdoor wedding celebrating the start of a new adventure.

It’s hard to believe that it all started with one class- out of all the classes that we could’ve taken out there, it seems very fitting that it was Chemistry.


Chemistry – the place where it all started and the catalyst for their relationship. Vlad and Natalie briefly met in church but really got to know each other when taking a Chemistry class at Sierra College. Though Vlad did not end up getting into the class, their friendship continued well throughout their college experience. They got to know each other as friends for about a year and then dated for two until he popped the question March of this year.

Someone recently asked me what I’m most excited for in marriage, and my response without hesitation was “I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend”


2020 was an interesting year for the wedding industry as well as for many engaged couples. Though the start to their forever did not go as planned due to COVID-19, their wedding day turned out even better than imagined. After two venue changes, a date change, and even the start of a wildfire, Vlad and Natalie managed to re-plan their wedding in a matter of a month. This outdoor venue actually served as a three day stay for the bride and groom, giving the bridal party and the family plenty of time to enjoy the luxuries provided by this Airbnb. With a stunning infinity pool and a beautiful view overlooking the smoky hills of the Sierras, the estate offered so much amazing scenery for the ceremony, reception, and creative shoot.

If there was one word to describe this wedding, it would be emotional. Everything from the gift exchanges, to the walk down the aisle, to the vows brought tears to the eyes of everyone around. It was especially exciting capturing the reaction of the groom’s gift to the bride on the morning of the wedding. Natalie, being a huge cat lover, always told Vlad that she wanted to get a cat after they were married. Little did she know she would getting one that very day! Natalie was completely thrown off when she opened a huge box to find a tiny little kitten sitting inside. Mixing the tears of joy in the start of a new family along with the bittersweet tears of a parent letting go of their child, this film highlighted the genuine emotion that was expressed throughout the wedding day.

Having just gotten a few Canon R5 cameras a few weeks before this wedding, we had the opportunity to capture the entire day in beautiful and gorgeous 4K. Though we faced a few challenges with the immense amount of memory this new format takes, the crisp and clear quality of the video made it all completely worth it. Taking the breathtaking views overlooking the valley and capturing the wedding story, we were able to create an incredible film that will be perished for generations to come. Now experiencing the incredible quality that 4K provides, we as wedding cinematographers are striving to make this the new standard for every wedding film we create.

The wedding ended on a high note with a spontaneous swim in the pool. Finishing the night right, the groom was thrown into the pool and joined by all of his groomsmen. A wedding to remember, we hope you enjoy this wedding film celebrating the chemistry shared between Vlad and Natalie.

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