Many times, I want to share my edits right away. I get so excited that I want everyone to see it hot off the press! However with this film, I held off for a few days before posting it. To me, the video felt like it was still a rough draft even though everyone in our office agreed it was perfect and ready to post. Sometimes when I create a film, I like to think of it as if I'm writing an essay. I would never turn something in, knowing that its worth a B-, but expect to get an A+. There are people that would do that, but not me. I'm a perfectionist. And when it comes to my films, they always have to be an A+. So I spent a few more days tweaking and (re)editing this film until I reached my standard of perfection. I let my wife heavily critique it and help me fix all the little thing that bothered me (and her). And after a few days of re-watching the film for what it seems like a thousand times,  I can confidently post it knowing that it's an A+. I love how amazing Sergey and Lena's short wedding film turned out! All this taught me that in order to be the best Sacramento Wedding Videography Company out there, my team and I have to consistently make these A+ films. That's a MUST in our company and we wouldn't settle for less. We traveled to Seattle, Washington to film this wedding. Sergey and Lena trusted the best Sacramento Wedding Videography company to tell their wedding story and we enjoyed doing just that. Enjoy this short wedding film of this beautiful couple.